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I'm excited to announce that I will be launching Fictionfire's first online course later in 2018, as the start of a series called Your Living Writing Year, designed to take you through four seasons of creativity. This first course is Get Ready to Write: you can find out all about it here. It will be followed by Start your Stories, Grow your Stories and Harvest your Work. Please note that these are the first iterations of these courses so I will be releasing them in stages at very special introductory prices in beta mode. Please join my mailing list to be the first to hear. If you buy all four courses in the sequence, you'll gain access to a bonus course, Celebrate your Year, in December. For full details and to book when the time comes, visit my online school. If you have any questions, please contact me here. I will also be launching Master Training courses on selected topics to help you with your writing skills.

Dream it, do it, review it, share it:

four seasons of creative fulfilment in Your Living Writing Year

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Get Ready to Write: find your motivation, conquer your doubts, be inspired – and stay inspired

Have you always wanted to be a writer? Have you tried but you've lost your way and your will?

Do you spend more time being self-critical than in putting words on the page?

Do you wish people around you understood the hunger in your heart – the hunger to write?

Whether you're a beginner or you're more experienced but have lost confidence along the way, Get Ready to Write, the first in a set of four courses taking you through Your Living Writing Year, will help you to stop agonizing, start creating!

  • You’ll learn to understand what’s driving you to write and why writing is so important to you.
  • You’ll learn to conquer doubts, fears and self-sabotage – all those tricks our minds play on us to stop us unleashing our potential.
  • You’ll learn how to prepare yourself in mind and body for ultimate productivity.
  • You’ll set up a creative writing practice that is tailored to your strengths and unlocks your creativity
  • Plus bonus expert interviews, a nurturing online community and much more!

This is a self-contained course but will also work in combination with the forthcoming Spring, Summer and Autumn courses as they are released at intervals in the latter part of 2018, all at a special introductory price.  Ultimately, Your Living Writing Year will take you all the way from 'I want to', to 'I've done it!', from the desire to write to the pride of achievement.

Dream it, do it, review it, share it: four seasons of creative fulfilment in Your Living Writing Year



Here's a more detailed look at Get Ready to Write:

Module 1: Why write?

For any kind of success you need to understand what's driving you and what, for you, constitutes success. Why do you want to write? Why does anybody want to write? What is it about writing that creates such a sense of satisfaction?

In this module you'll explore your motivation and your ambition, with the help of a downloadable workbook. You'll gain focus and an honest understanding of where you are with your writing and where you want to be. You'll find the kind of encouragement that makes you eager to get going, not the kind of pressure that freezes you in your tracks.

Module 2: Mindset Matters

Writers love to dream of writing and they talk about writing all the time. Why, then, do they end up not writing – or only in sporadic bursts? Working through this module you'll learn to accept that doubts are part of the deal, but that you can defeat them. You'll find out how to conquer procrastination and self-sabotage, plus how to stand up to criticism or undermining coming your way from anyone who doesn't get why this matters so much to you.

You'll also be reminded that you're not alone! Whatever you're feeling, other writers have felt. Whatever the opposition you meet, they've met it too. And conquered it, as you will.

Module 3: Get Fit to Write

Module 2 was all about the psychological aspects of getting ready to write, but there's more to it than that. It really helps to get your body ready too! You need to optimise your mind's alertness and your body's fitness because everyone knows that the life of a writer isn't the healthiest one around!

In this module we'll look at stress, concentration, posture and resilience. You'll learn how to ensure your lifestyle enables you to sustain your creativity.

Module 4: Set up your Writing Practice

In our final module you'll create the context for your productive writing life. You'll be encouraged to find your own way: this is not about 'I must write 1000 words a day' or 'I should rise at 5 every morning and get a chapter under my belt'. If that works for you –great! But every system, every routine, every choice, must be the right one for you.

I'll introduce you to the four key elements of productive writing and how you can establish them in your own life, creating an enduring and positive base from which you can explore all you're capable of as a writer.

Plus – Bonus Expert Interviews

In addition to these information-packed modules, you'll have access to inspiring interviews packed with actionable advice and wisdom:

Interview #1: How creativity and money don't need to be enemies, with novelist, poet and founder of The Alliance of Independent Authors and The Creativist Club, Orna Ross

Interview #2: How to increase well-being and fitness so you can be a better writer, with Founder and Director of Viavi:be, expert physiologist and health coach, Oliver Patrick

Interview #3: How to keep writing now the children have arrived! with novelist and writing coach, Ali Luke of Aliventures

Modules include video presentations, downloadable workbooks, journal and inspiration sheets, action guides, resource lists and Q and A sessions – essentially all the inspirational help I can give you!




What is Your Living Writing Year? I've designed Your Living Writing Year as a series of four inspiring and ultra-practical courses to take you through the main stages of the writing process, starting with finding motivation and establishing your writing practice, followed by sourcing and growing ideas, exploring key skills such as plotting, character-creation, point of view and much more, then how to edit your work and choose how to pitch, publish and market it. With these courses you'll reach a better understanding of yourself as a writer and you'll learn a range of techniques. You'll grow your confidence and produce work you can be proud of.

Each course, involving video presentations and a wealth of downloadable materials, will be released at intervals from the latter part of 2018. Each will have a live phase and then will be available as a self-study course. This is a flexible system so, depending on where you are in your writing journey, there will be a course relevant to you. If you take all four courses making up Your Living Writing Year, you'll have access to the bonus Winter 2 modules in December where we celebrate achievements and plan for the future.

Whether you're just starting out or have lost confidence along the way, or you just want to polish your skills, Your Living Writing Year will help you get inspired and stay inspired.

Visit Fictionfire's online school and sign up here.

After the dark days of winter, spring explodes with new life. Tap into your creativity in Start your Stories, where you'll discover and play with story ideas.

We'll look at the amazing and often mysterious ways ideas come to us and how to maximise the chances that we'll be open to their potential. You'll learn how to grow those fresh new notions, how to test stories for their viability. You'll be nurturing these green shoots of story so that they have a chance to flourish.

You'll also learn how to write great openings with the power to hook readers. That'll include understanding how to get beyond the first few pages and keep going. The mood of this season is experimental, exploratory, open to possibilities, fresh and energetic.

The course will include downloadable workbooks and journals, plus bonus expert interviews.

This course can be studied as a standalone or as part of the Your Living Writing Year series: dream it, do it, review it, share it. Four seasons of creative fulfilment.

Are you ready to start inventing? Let's go!

Grow your Stories, the summer season of Your Living Writing Year, will teach you the key components of writing your story: plot, character, point of view, dialogue and location. You'll learn how to give your writing resonance and meaning. Bonus Module 7 will help you to troubleshoot your way through any problems you're having. You're in it for the long haul: Grow your Stories will help you complete those narratives you started.

This course can be studied as a standalone or as part of the Your Living Writing Year series: dream it, do it, review it, share it. Four seasons of creative fulfilment.

Are you ready to grow those stories? Let's go!

Now you've grown your stories, it's time to harvest them and take them to market. In this course you'll learn why revision matters so much and what editing techniques to use. You'll consider which publishing path you want to take and you'll learn the best ways to submit your work to agents and editors. You'll discover that as an author it doesn't matter whether you're traditionally published or self-published, you still need to market your work effectively – and here's how.

Harvest your Work is the autumn season of the Your Living Writing Year series of courses: dream it, do it, review it, share it: four seasons of creative fulfilment. 

Are you ready to share those stories? Let's go!