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Live Workshops

I run in-person Focus Workshops in Oxford. Latest courses have been Playing with Time, Creative Brainstorm, Conversations with Characters and Restart your Story Engine. (You can see the details of the last of these further down this page, to give you a sense of what is involved.) Keep checking this page for announcements of future workshops or join my mailing list to be the first to hear! (You can unsubscribe at any time.)

Online Classes

Scroll down or click on the title to find out about my online masterclass, How to be a Happy Writer – book at any time.

The Fired-up Writer’s Guide series #1

how to be a happy writer is available for self-study in my online school, along with bonus materials

Have you always dreamed of being a writer but find yourself stuck in dither and doubt?

Have you been writing for a while but somehow you’ve lost the joy?

How to be a Happy Writer shows you the quick and easy route to confidence and renewed fulfilment. This training will help you clear your blocks, clarify your intentions and reclaim your purpose. You’ll learn practical ways to rediscover your creative energy, silence that inner critic and revive both imagination and intention. This inspiring class will help you dump that dither and doubt so that you can create a focused, joyous writing life.

Find out more about the masterclass and the extra resources I’ve created here – or just click the button below.

Why I’m offering this masterclass:

I’ve been giving in-person writing workshops and courses since 2000 and during that time I’ve helped so many writers at every level overcome their blocks and see their way through to creative expression that satisfies them. (If you want to know more about me as a teacher, visit About Me.) I’ve been aiming to take my teaching online as well, and this is just the start!

I’ve seen writers beat themselves up all the time – I do it too! – to such an extent that they lose sight of what should be core to their lives as creatives: pleasure, relaxation, self-expression, pride in what they create.

I’m launching The Fired-up Writer series of fast guides to help you with various aspects of writing, including techniques and mindset challenges. If you’re not already on my mailing list, sign up to be the first to hear as each course is released!

The depth of your knowledge and love of your subject comes shining through in your sessions and always there is that gentle nudge of encouragement for us to stretch ourselves that bit further in our writing, to become more skilled in our chosen craft.
— B.S. Rodger

What will You learn?

This class will show you:

  • how to reframe your relationship with writing

  • how to accept and move on from the negatives

  • how to view your writing aims with clarity

  • how to relate your creative life to the commitments and demands of your daily life

  • how to discover – or rediscover – pride in your individual talent

  • how to celebrate your dreams and achievements

How does the masterclass work?

If I am offering any of these classes as a live version, you’ll be sent a link to the webinar which I’ll be running on When the scheduled time comes, click that link to join us! You’ll be able to join in the live chat during the training and I’ll invite you to share your views and opinions, plus I’ll give you quick exercises to do. My hope, as ever, is to offer you practical information and an inspiring message to fire up or reignite those writing dreams.

Alternatively, simply purchase the recorded version when I add it to my Teachable school. If a class or course is presented live initially, attendees will have lifetime access to it afterwards once I post it in my online school.

Is this class right for you?

Do you want to feel happy as a writer? Then, yes, it’s for you! I design all my classes and courses with the needs of both newbies and more advanced or experienced writers in mind. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve written a short story or twelve books in a series – if you’re a writer you’ll have encountered those long dark nights of the soul, where you question your purpose and your ability to carry out your plans. This class will help you to reclaim the joy.

an important note about the cost of the class

The investment for How to be a Happy Writer is $57 (approximately £43). If you live in the EU, please remember that digital sales tax will be added to the fee, according to the rate prevailing in your country. This is a legal obligation. The sales tax added price will appear when you click through to make your payment.

How do I make my booking for any of your courses or classes?

Recorded classes: click the button and it will take you to my Teachable school. You can click to buy the class there and gain access to the recordings and downloadable materials.

Live webinars: there will be a booking button on this page to take you to my Acuity booking page. (For live webinars, choose the class, and your time zone, and Acuity will take you through the process, using PayPal. Important: you don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay! You can use your debit or credit card.) After the live version, the class will appear in my online school and you’ll have access to it.

If you have any questions, email me at info[at] or use the Contact form.

I’ve replaced desperation with determination! These courses simply could not have been better.
— T.R.

Restart your story engine

Focus Workshop in Oxford

1st june 2019

restart your story engine. is your story stuck? here’s how to get going again

Note: this workshop is now unavailable but I am leaving these details up to give you a flavour of Fictionfire Focus Workshops - you can contact me if you would like me to run this or any other workshop for you.

Do you feel as if you’ve run out of steam with that story you were so buzzy about when you first thought of it? Have you a story part-written but somehow you’re bogged down in plot questions and you can’t make headway? Does the story feel too thin? Or is it so clogged with detail and event you just don’t know what to do with it? In this practical afternoon workshop we’ll address your inner blocks and doubts and we’ll also give the work itself a thorough check-up. We’ll examine the reasons stories end up stuck and come up with strategies to get you going again. You’ll learn to take another look at your route-map, reverse out of the mud and head off on the highway once more!

The workshop costs £35 and takes place from 2-5 p.m. on Saturday 1st June 2019 at my home in Oxford. Focus Workshops involve writing exercises and discussion of published examples. All include tea, coffee, biscuits and cake! Places are limited, so please book in good time. When you book, I’ll send you directions to the workshop. See Terms and Conditions here. Click the button below and you’ll be taken through the booking process in my scheduler. It works like this: you start by clicking the time-zone button (which says GMT+1 as we are on British Summer Time), then you’re taken to the calendar and the date of the workshop is in bold. Click that and select Continue and you’ll be taken to the information form and can make your payment.  

Her enthusiasm and knowledge brings an approachable dynamic to her workshops, making the digestion of new material and ideas an enjoyable process. The workshops are an ideal way of breaking down different aspects of the writing process into “building blocks”, which enable you to absorb new ideas and concepts without feeling overloaded. This enables your creative knowledge base to grow and your writing skills to improve.
— Susie Rodger, Focus Workshop attendee in February
As ever, a very stimulating, head buzzing afternoon filled with good ideas, challenges and lots of warm support. Your enthusiasm is infectious!
— Sara S., workshop attendee
It was so nice to meet you yesterday and to have an afternoon of total immersion in things literary with like- minded people. I loved it! And the cake!
— Fiona F., workshop attendee