Welcome to Fictionfire! I'm Lorna Fergusson: I'm a writing coach, consultant and editor, an award-winning author and a total bookaholic. I help writers discover their inspiration and nurture their craft.

Stories very often begin when a writer asks 'What if ...' 

Let me ask you your what ifs -

  • you've never tried to write, but you want to
  • you've tried but lost your way - yet still you feel that ache to create
  • you want to stay the course and finish that project but don't know how
  • calling yourself a writer feels like the biggest lie you could tell - yet all the time an inner voice is whispering 'Yes you are. You are a writer.'
  • you've been writing for years but would love to sharpen up your writing skills
  • you've completed your project but don't know how to revise it - or where to send it

Fictionfire is for writers like you. 

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