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I'm Lorna Fergusson: I'm a writing coach, consultant and editor, an award-winning author and a total bookaholic.

It's my passion in life to help writers ignite their creativity and nurture their craft.

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the unputdownable writer’s mindset

Do you want to banish the dither and doubt and create a fulfilling writing life for yourself? My new book, publishing in early 2020, will help you rewrite the inner stories that are holding you back. Join the waitlist here to receive news, sneak peeks and bonus material in the run-up to publication! #unputdownablewritersmindset

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Stories begin when a writer asks 'What if ...' 

What's your story? What if –

  • you've never written but you'd love to try
  • you've tried in the past and lost your way, yet you still feel that hunger to create
  • you want to stay the course and finish that project but don't know how
  • calling yourself a writer feels like the biggest lie you could tell – yet all the time an inner voice is whispering, 'Yes you are. You are a writer.'
  • you've been writing for years but would love to sharpen up your writing skills and explore new techniques
  • you've completed your project but don't know how to revise it – or what to do when you have

Fictionfire is for writers like you. 

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Fictionfire courses and services take you from this ...

Fictionfire courses and services take you from this ...

... to this! Fire up your creativity and fuel your self-belief!

... to this! Fire up your creativity and fuel your self-belief!

'I asked Lorna to help me with a close edit of the opening of my first novel. I found the process incredibly useful. Lorna was brilliant at giving constructive feedback in a positive, thoughtful way and was very generous with her knowledge and her time. My opening chapters were much stronger as a result and the novel soon won a competition for its first three pages. I went on to secure a literary agent and a three book publishing deal with a major publisher. I am convinced that investing in professional critiquing made all the difference at a key point in my writing career. Working with Lorna gave me fresh insight and confidence. I would highly recommend Lorna’s services to anyone looking to make their writing the best that it can be.’ 

Katherine Clements, author of The Coffin Path, The Silvered Heart and The Crimson Ribbon, Royal Literary Fund Fellow at the University of Manchester and editor of Historia, the online magazine of the Historical Writers’ Association.