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Welcome to my consultancy service. I can offer consultations in person or on Skype, Zoom, by email or telephone. Coaching or mentoring can be tailored to your needs. If you have any questions please contact me here. (More details will appear soon as this page is currently being updated.)

'I had been writing and revising my novel Unspeakable Things for a very long time and I had written myself into a dead end. I no longer knew what was working and what wasn't, and I had reached the limits of what I could learn in my writer's bubble. 

I looked for a literary consultant, and found Lorna. All writers know what a vulnerable thing it is to reveal work you have invested a lot in to someone else's critical eye. I went to meet Lorna with trepidation, but from the first she was friendly and encouraging. As she laid out clearly what was good and what needed work, a new way forward opened up for the novel. 

Over the following months, I made improvements and sent each further stage for Lorna's comments. I learned to hone, tighten and sharpen up every sentence, and to cut out everything unhelpful or distracting.  It was a writing masterclass, entirely focused on my novel. 

Working with Lorna made the difference between working alone on a personal project and creating my best work - a novel fit for publication. Unspeakable Things is now available on Amazon, and early reviews say you can't put it down.'  Sophie Kersey, author

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'You are magnificent. I came away from our meeting feeling enlightened and inspired, and readier than I have been for ages to do more writing.' – Julie H.

‘Lorna not only helped me to identify the excitement and potential of my story but by respecting my unique ideas she instilled me with confidence as a writer.’ – Wendy S.