Why book a consultation with me?

  • Because I’m a writer too and I’m familiar with all the joys, challenges and concerns you may be encountering. I know that writers are driven people who tend to doubt their capabilities. I know that writing is a constant learning curve and want you to benefit from my decades-long experience as a writer, teacher and editor. Over the years I’ve been traditionally published and I’ve self-published. I’ve won prizes – but I also know how it feels when you’re rejected and you don’t quite know what to do about it.

  • Because I tell it like it is. It’s my job to help you create your writing practice, find your way through the story-writing process, or help you rediscover your writing mojo when it goes missing. I will shine a light on your story’s potential and guide you through the maze of publishing possibilities.

  • Because sometimes you’re too close to your work to see it clearly. I’ll offer a fresh clear eye, helping you to focus on what is and isn’t working in your story or submission. I’ll suggest practical strategies you can follow.

  • Because, if you need me to be, I’ll be tough; because I want to encourage you to believe in yourself and prove it by taking action. But I’ll also be kind, positive and reassuring. I’ll help you see the fine detail and the bigger picture as we find solutions and make your writing life as fulfilled as it can be.

The hour I spent with you completely exceeded my expectations. There are gems in that recording – things, I couldn’t imagine I would learn, too many to mention. It was a wonderful combination of practical advice and motivation.
— Moira v. K.